How to connect Python and SQL Server – Part 2

Hey Guys, In my first blog post about Python and SQL Server, I gave a very short introduction in how to actually connect and execute a simple query. Today I want to extend a bit on using Python and SQL Server. As I described in the end of the previous post the ideal scenario is […]

An error occurred while setting up a binding for the column

Hello Guys! I just wanted to do this quick blog post to give you a tip about a recent problem that I had in a SSIS Project. My scenario is the following. Source Database Server: PostgreSQL Target Database Server: SQL Server 2016 As you can see, I need to extract data from this PostgreSQL database […]

How to connect Python and SQL Server

Hi everyone!! Lately I have been studying a bit of Python that I intend to use at work for some projects and also for learning a new language. I would recommend for you to also learn it, because as you know Python is coming to SQL Server 2017. The thing is that with Python you […]

The most read posts of June – 2017

Hi guys, I have decided that I will continue to do this kind of blog post. So you don’t need any other introduction about the subject. So, let me list the top 5 posts of June. 1)  Transaction log cheio? E agora? – 327 views – Posted on 13.06.2011 2) Como visualizar o conteudo de […]

How much transaction log, transactions generate?

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share something that I am doing this week at work. One of the applications that I support is generating a lot of transaction log in the database. Just to have an idea, we run Transaction Log backups every 30 minutes and I have backups over 100GB and sometimes 200GB. The […]

The overlapped instance error

One of the possible scenarios for SQL Server FCI to AG migration is adding a third node to the Windows Failover Cluster and creating an Availability Groups between the FCI and the third standalone SQL Server, or having one node as FCI and the other node as a standalone SQL. In my case I am running […]

Adding SSISDB to AG for SQL Server 2016

Hi Everyone, I’ve setup a new SQL Server 2016 AG Environment for Developers where they will use it for deploying and testing code, which means that they also want to SQL Server Integration Services for deploying and executing SSIS Packages. From SQL Server 2012 and onwards we have the new deployment model for SSIS and […]

Berlin Azure Global Bootcamp 2017 – Scripts & Slides

Hi Guys, Last saturday (24.03) I had the pleasure of doing my first talk outside Brazil and my first one in Berlin where I could talk a bit of Azure SQL Database in the Azure Global Bootcamp that happened at Microsoft Berlin. First of all, I would like to thank Anton Staykov and Tyrone Guiamo […]

Changing the Dump Directory Location may SQL Agent to not start

Ola Pessoal, Realizando algumas configuracoes de ambiente recentemente, passei por esse pequeno problema que gostaria de compartilhar com você. A tarefa era bem simples, mudar o diretorio da pasta LOG, que geralmente é onde fica os logs do SQL Agent, ERRORLOG, etc.. Ate ai tudo bem, você para os servicos do SQL e SQL Agent […]

Codificando Night Week – Estarei Palestrando

              Ola pessoal, Na proxima segunda-feira dia 13/03 inicia mais um Codificando Night Week, onde teremos 5 dias de muito conteudo tecnico. Neste evento teremos SQL Server, Asp.Net, Microsoft Azure, Infraestrutura, Desenvolvimento Mobile e muito mais. Terei o prazer de palestrar falando sobre Azure SQL Database e como migrar […]
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