Reporting Services Databases on Availability Groups

In my current job as a DBA, one of my missions is making everything as automated as possible and making sure that when things go wrong(trust me, they will), the applications that are using my environment can smoothly continue to run with less intervention possible. You will make mistakes which is part of the job, […]

Changing the Job Owner, doesn’t change the Schedule Owner

One of the capabilities that we do offer to our developers is the ability for themselves to create SQL Server Agent Jobs in our DEV/TEST Environments, so they perform some of their work without the DBA to be involved. To fullfil this requirement, we grant them the role SQLAgentUserRole, which pretty much does the job. […]

A Python script for Re-tweeting tweets

On the attempt to always learn something new, I was playing around with Python, the Python-Twitter Package and the Schedule package. Pretty much I wanted to create a small script where I could every X minutes to connect on twitter and re-tweet some tweets that were using an specific hashtag. This was what I came […]

Free Microsoft Flow + Twitter + SQL Server

Those days I was playing around with Microsoft Flow and have created some automation for a few things. While playing with it the thing that I liked was the possibility to host workflows in a free account. So, if you have a live account you can pretty much use a ton of connectors and create […]

Microsoft MVP Conference – #mvpconf Quer ganhar um ingresso?

Olá pessoal, Nos dias 6 e 7 de Abril, acontecerá na UNIP Tatuapé São Paulo o maior evento presencial de experts Microsoft do Brasil –, vou tentar enumerar as 5 razões de qualificar como o maior evento de expects e impulsionar sua curiosidade para realizar sua inscrição agora: 1. Da comunidade para a comunidade […]

My next meetup’s in Berlin

Hello everyone!! I just wanted to make a short blog post to tell you that I will be speaking in two meetups in Berlin in this month. So, if you follow me and live in Berlin or nearby I invite you to attend it and learn more about the Microsoft Data Platform world. So, below […]

Visualizing the content of encrypted stored procedures

Probably you were a bit curious about it and decided to click here, right? This is a very recurrent question on Microsoft forums, where people who maybe by mistake encrypted all of the stored procedures, or maybe you support a 3rd party application and there is an particular stored procedure killing the performance of your […]

Removing Databases from Availability Groups with Powershell

Those days at work I had to remove a bunch of databases from the Availability Groups and later drop them from the primary and secondary replicas. I know I could do the click, click and drop thing, but why not PowerShell? I decided to invest some time, around 10 minutes and create this nice and […]

Synchronize Files and Folders using Powershell

Hello everyone! Last week I was helping an Application Admin to Synchronize files and folders between Source and Destination Servers. The challenge was because some folders had really long hierarchies, so you could imagine something like this. I would say that doing this for some files it is really ok, but for my case we […]

Python Virtual Environments! Be safe! How to setup!

Hi everyone, You all know that lately I have been learning a bit of Python and one of the very first things that every single course says are: Create all your projects in a Python Virtual Environment. However, what does Virtual Environment mean? When you do a default installation of Python, you can pretty much […]
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