A Python script for Re-tweeting tweets

On the attempt to always learn something new, I was playing around with Python, the Python-Twitter Package and the Schedule package. Pretty much I wanted to create a small script where I could every X minutes to connect on twitter and re-tweet some tweets that were using an specific hashtag. This was what I came […]

Python Virtual Environments! Be safe!

Hi everyone, You all know that lately I have been learning a bit of Python and one of the very first things that every single course says are: Create all your projects in a Python Virtual Environment. However, what does Virtual Environment mean? When you do a default installation of Python, you can pretty much […]

Which Python courses I did? Or I’m still doing

PS: Portuguese version below! Hi everyone, Before even starting this blog post, I want it to make it very clear! If you are an Python/Developer Expert most likely this isn’t for you. The reason for that is if you aren this kind of person, maybe you will find that those courses that I am sharing […]

How to connect Python and SQL Server – Part 2

Hey Guys, In my first blog post about Python and SQL Server, I gave a very short introduction in how to actually connect and execute a simple query. Today I want to extend a bit on using Python and SQL Server. As I described in the end of the previous post the ideal scenario is […]

How to connect Python and SQL Server

Hi everyone!! Lately I have been studying a bit of Python that I intend to use at work for some projects and also for learning a new language. I would recommend for you to also learn it, because as you know Python is coming to SQL Server 2017. The thing is that with Python you […]

Microsoft disponibiliza o SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1

A Microsoft anunciou nesta semana em seu blog a disponibilidade no TechNet Evaluation Center do SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1, a versão de testes pública mais recente do novo SQL Server. Performance inigualável Faça consultas até 100 vezes mais rápido do que o disco com columnstore in-memory e transações até 30 vezes mais rápido com … Continue Lendo "Microsoft disponibiliza o SQL Server 2017 CTP 2.1"
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