Reporting Services Databases on Availability Groups

In my current job as a DBA, one of my missions is making everything as automated as possible and making sure that when things go wrong(trust me, they will), the applications that are using my environment can smoothly continue to run with less intervention possible. You will make mistakes which is part of the job, […]

SQL Operations Studio – Public Preview release (0.27.3) – Março 2018

Salve galera, bom dia. Quinta – feira, véspera de mais um feriado nacional, o mês de março esta se encerrando mas ainda temos tempinho para produzir muito coisa, e falando justamente em produzir a Microsoft como sempre não perde tempo e esta a todo o vapor para liberar logo a versão final do SQL Operations … Continue Lendo "SQL Operations Studio – Public Preview release (0.27.3) – Março 2018"

Removing Databases from Availability Groups with Powershell

Those days at work I had to remove a bunch of databases from the Availability Groups and later drop them from the primary and secondary replicas. I know I could do the click, click and drop thing, but why not PowerShell? I decided to invest some time, around 10 minutes and create this nice and […]

Looking at dbatools github with Power BI

First of all! Really, really thanks dbatools team for this. I don’t have words to describe the impact that you guys have in my job. I use it every single day! Now… back to the subject.. Those days I was preparing myself for a presentation and started to play around with Online Services Content Packs […]

Do you want to improve SQL Server Docs?

I think many of us have not heard this, but recently (maybe not that recently) Microsoft made the SQL Server Docs available on GitHub under this link: Currently, if you navigate to any SQL Server Documentation and let’s say that you right now goes to this link: in the right hand side of […]

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition agora está disponível em Windows Containers

A Microsoft anunciou em seu blog a disponibilidade do SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition (com SP1) em Windows Containers. A edição Developer do SQL Server é gratuita e pode ser usada para desenvolvimento e teste de aplicações. SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition em Windows Containers De acordo com o anúncio da Microsoft, a imagem desta … Continue Lendo "Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Developer Edition agora está disponível em Windows Containers"
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